Something special

Sometimes nature just gives you an unexpected surprise now and then, sometimes nature gives you a rarity

Black-eyed Susan | Alice Mary Herden | April 16

In nature photography, you are always looking for something out-of-place, something that catches your eye.

With Black-eyed Susan in bloom, I look for a variety of insects to photograph in macro, well upon approaching this particular flower I noticed something odd, it was strange, fantastically strange.

Black-eyed Susan | Alice Mary Herden | April 16
Black-eyed Susan | Alice Mary Herden | April 16

Yes, you are seeing this correctly, a double bud! I was totally surprised and to actually think I was going to turn around and go somewhere else, but something inside said to keep going.


Black-eyed Susan | Alice Mary Herden | April 16


So this double budded Black-eyed Susan is dedicated to my sister Tara. May you always listen to your inside and keep moving forward because there is always something fantastic ahead!



Rain Lily | Fairy Lily

This lily popped up days before I saw it.. just this single little white flower with hints of pink on the petals was all alone across from the Big Pine Tract.

!Rain Lily
Rain Lily or Fairy Lily  | Alice Mary Herden | Big Pine Tract  {12/04/2018}

Even though these lillies commonly bloom during spring and summer, there are rare occassions they bloom in December.

Here’s a couple links to find out more infomration about the Fairy Lily

Scarlet Calamint

Exploring a new territory, Citrus Wildlife Management Area, while the weather is fantastic and before hunting season begins.

Scarlet Calamint2.jpg
Scarlet Calamint | Alice Mary Herden | October 28

Known either by Red Basil, Scarlett Savory, or Scarlet Calamint….. blooming in spring and late fall, these beautiful clusters of flowers can be seen throughout the CWMA and with their color bursts of red scattered about, they give a nice visual break within the earth tones.

Scarlet Calamint3.jpg
Scarlet Calamint | Alice Mary Herden | October 28

Unfortunately  I didn’t have my macro with me, which reminds me to always have it now. Would have loved to get some close up shots of the flowers and leaves.