Bluestripe Ribbon Snake

Ribbons snakes are non-venomous, however just like every living creature they still bite, even with a cute face like that! I see a lot of these snakes killed as a result of being run over by vehicles.


I was very fortunate for this one spending some time with me to take some photos as well as recording some video. What a great model!

Bluestripe Ribbon Snake | March 11 | Alice Mary Herden
Bluestripe Ribbon Snake | March 11 | Alice Mary Herden

These snakes are only found in Florida within prairies, hammocks, marshes, and pinelands habitats.




Black Racer…Good to have around.

Black Racer…. very, very good to have around your yard. Why? Well, they eat other snakes, mice and rats!

Black Racer
Juvenile Black Racer | September 11

Juveniles are often mistaken as Pygmy Rattlesnakes.

Breeding: March thru June | Eggs 6-20: May thru August

Like the baby alligators, snakes also have a egg tooth that helps them rip open the egg and falls off within a couple of days.  Neonates or hatchlings are on their own once they emerge from the egg, feeding on insects and other small amphibians.

Southern Black Racer
Southern Black Racer | August 21




Florida Water Moccasin

Okay.. I am not a big fan of snakes partly due to an experience I had a couple of months ago, however, I do know the importance of these Florida native species and to the ecosystem.

Water Moccasin | Linda Pederson Park | September 1

I have photographed three of these snakes within the last six months and with all this rain we are having I am sure there will be more sightings.

Water Moccaisn.jpg
Water Moccasin | Bayou Drive | February 26


Water Moccasin | Paynes Prairie | June 27

If you are out photographing, and you come across a snake.. take your pics at a VERY SAFE DISTANCE and go on your way. FYI: Striking ranges for snakes vary from species to species and can be up to 15ft.


I have gotten in the habit of not walking along the edge of trails, I stay in the middle, but if you are going to the edge, LOOK ALL AROUND before you take a step and snap that photo! It’s a good idea to have a walking stick too!

Give enough space to walk around the snake.. don’t harass it, let it be!

I highly suggest investing in some good boots… I often wear mid calf rain, mud boots when we hike. These are great if you are going on a short 1 or 2 mile hike.

These are beautiful creatures and need their space.



Camera & Lens:
Canon 7D Mark II 70-200mm (with a 2x extender)