Sandhill Milkweed

Sandhill or Pinewood milkweed is an essential plant that grows in sandhill habitat. I only see these growing sporadically, odd places. It’s where ever the seed falls, take root in the loose sand and flourish, which seems like a huge challenge!

!Milkweed 2
Sandhill Milkweed | March 21 | Alice Mary Herden

An incredible and extremely important plant for pollinators like the Monarch butterfly.

*Remember plants like these are in the forest for a reason, leave them where you found them. There are hundreds of wildlife species that depend on plants like these for their survival.

Check out your local Native Plant Societies for purchasing plants for your yard.





A field of yellow sunshine, even though it’s called a weed!

Bitterweed | September 11 | Chassahowitzka WMA

Started blooming late August and into September. These wildflowers are thriving in open sandy areas.

Fun fact: The Plant Atlas has a sample of this flower picked by J. D. Ray Jr. on October 14, 1959 along U.S 41  what was then called Chinsegut Wildlife Refuge.