Thought it was a yellow leaf!

I absolutely love Praying Mantis

!Yellow Praying Mantis 2

When I drove by I first thought this was a yellow leaf… then realized it was a yellow preying mantis! I have seen brown and green mantis but never a yellow one!

(Will find out about the colors… could be different colors are different species)

I love how attentive they are and how they tilt their head when you are talking, kind of like what my dogs do when I say “Ya want a treat?”

Again, it is easy to miss so much of nature when you go too fast. Learn to take smaller steps.


Praying Mantis

This is one of the most interesting insects I have been able to photograph.

Praying Mantis | August 21

The wonderful life of a Praying Mantis… well a short one. According to some websites, the praying mantis only lives for about a year, as the female can lay hundreds of eggs she may also eat the male during or after mating!

However, they are pretty cool to photograph!