Spiderlings by the hundreds


A short photo hike at Big Pine Tract with an incredible find.

Green Lynx Spiderlings

Each egg sac contains hundreds of spiderlings and well defended by their mother.

Green Lynx Spider Babies
Green Lynx Spiderlings ( Spiderlings go through up to 8 instar stages)| Alice Mary Herden | November 18

Mating season in July, eggs are laid in September, hatching and dispersal between November and early January, and growth from January to June.

Green Lynx Spider Babies 2
Green Lynx Spider (Female) guards her nest and will spit venom at any predators 

After going through their instar stages (life stages| molting egg, postembryo..etc), these spiderlings have a long way to go for such a short amount of life, just one year. 







Hunchback Bee Fly

First time I have seen this fly at Chassahowitzka WMA, at first I thought it was a Robber Fly. So with a little bit of research, I found this to be a Hunchback Bee Fly.

Hunchback bee fly 2
Hunchback Bee Fly | Alice Mary Herden | October 20 2018

I think this Bee fly is a little big for that juvenile Green Lynx spider, got to give it credit for its encouragement.

Hunchback bee fly 3
Hunchback Bee Fly | Alice Mary Herden | October 20 2018
Hunchback bee fly
Hunchback Bee Fly | Alice Mary Herden | October 20 2018

So from what I read… These flies gather towards yellow colored flowers. The flower above is a Leavenworth’s Tickseed..

Flies like this Hunchback Bee Fly are great pollinators and rarely get the credit they deserve. So here’s to all those Hunchback Bee Flies.. “You are appreciated!”