Green Lynx Spider

No matter what flower you are looking at you can guarantee there will be a Green Lynx Spider patiently waiting.

Green Lynx | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden
Green Lynx on a Spotted Horse Mint | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

What caught my eye was how big the Green Lynx spider (photo below) was, it had to be able to hold on to that bumble bee.


Green Lynx 3.jpg
Green Lynx Spider with prey | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

It takes a lot of patience to stay still for so long and wait for hours until a butterfly, bee or even a grasshopper is within its reach. Sometimes they succeed while in the video I believe most often they don’t.


I believe those are leafcutter bees that are mating, at least it was “are” instead of “were”!