Summer Tanager

I headed out yesterday determined to get more macro shots focusing on some specific insects and plant species, and well that didn’t happen.

While hiking all I was hearing was the peaceful sounds of nature and birds… birds everywhere. I realized this day is not going to be a macro day, it was going to be a birding day. I trekked back to the car to get my other lens and tripod. I found a great spot and I set up camp.

Summer Tanager-small
Summer Tanager | Alice Mary Herden | April 2020

Sometimes things are not always the way you plan, and that is exactly how nature is. Nature will give you all the photo opportunities only if you listen and be patient.

That morning, I headed out just before the sun rose to my favorite place. It was a weird feeling. It was like Chassahowitzka was telling me that it was not a good day to be there. (I hope other photographers know what I mean) So I respected that feeling and traveled to another location and in return, I had the best birding day ever!


Stay Safe!


Great Outdoors Month

June is the Great Outdoors Month…. and on June 15th it’s Nature Photography Day.

National Nature Photography Day-Banner.jpg
Nature Photography Day is hosted by Green-Fly Media

I plan to visit Chassahowitzka WMA at couple more times before the Nature Photography Day event to showcase some things we might encounter on the 15th! Every time I go, there is always something to photograph!

Clouded Crimson Moth | June 3 | Alice Mary Herden
Clouded Crimson Moth | June 3 | Alice Mary Herden

First time seeing these clouded crimson moths and very sad that I did. Recently on a trip to St. Pete with a friend, I dropped my camera and broke my 50mm macro lens. Devastated and totally upset ( didn’t want to show my friend how upset I really was), I wasn’t sure how long I would last without a macro lens. Well, Canon doesn’t make the 50mm anymore so I am upgrading to the 60mm, however that 65mm looks remarkable expect for the price tag!

Sandhill Milkweed | June 3 | Alice Mary Herden
Sandhill Milkweed | June 3 | Alice Mary Herden

There are plenty of Sandhill Milkweed releasing their seeds right now to ensure there are more nectar opportunities for butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

More flowers are popping up during the summer season. Tarflowers, Florida False Sunflowers, and so much more!

Will post more soon!

More information about Nature Photography Day:




American Bullfrog

We have always heard them during our travels at Chassahowitzka WMA, but never seemed to have been able to photograph them.

American Bullfrog
American Bullfrog | August 15

Some interesting facts about the American Bullfrog…..

  • Live up to 9 years
  • Circular eardrums also called tympanum that are on either side of their heads
  • Males are aggressive and will protect their territory
  • Ambush predators
  • Females are slightly larger than the males
  • Females can lay up to 20,000 eggs