Phaon Cresent and Morning Dew

Was not a good morning for this little butterfly. It happened to perfect conditions for the morning dew to form on just about anything.

Phaon Crescent | Alice Mary Herden | April 16
Phaon Crescent | Alice Mary Herden | April 16


Little Wood Satyr

If you are hanging around shaded swamps and woodland areas, you are guaranteed to see these little ones fluttering around. They are perfectly hidden amongst the brown decaying leaves.

Little Wood Satyr | March 11 | Alice Mary Herden
Little Wood Satyr | March 11 | Alice Mary Herden

If you look closely you can see an iridescent silvery purple tint on the hind wings and slightly on the ridge of the fore wings, depending on the angle and the light. Super cool how the wavy lines on the fore and hind wings match up perfectly when folded.

Host plants are orchard and centipede grass.


Southern Dogface Sulpher

The Southern Dogface Sulpher is easy to ID.. The black spot on its wing as well as the pink color. Its such a unquie butterfly in the sulpher family.

Southern Dogface Sulpher | Alice Mary Herden | Big Pine Tract {12/03/18}

They can be seen all year around… and oh my goodness, I didn’t see that grasshopper to the right of the butterfly.

Sometimes, actually more times then I would want to admit, when you are so focused photographing one subject you tend to forget to look around. It is super cool to find these suprises!


Click to access Southern-Dogface-3D-card.pdf

American Lady

What a beautiful little butterfly, with a speculator underwing design.

!Painted Lady3.jpg
American Lady | Alice Mary Herden | October 23

Called many names; American Painted Lady, Painted Beauty, this butterfly’s larvae creates nests atop their host plants. (See link below)

Rabbit Tabacco.jpg
Sweet Everlasting (Rabbit Tobacco)| Host Plant for the American Lady | October 23 

At the Big Pine Tract, part of Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area, I was able to count at least five on one trail… and that was just enough for me to capture some photos.



Common Buckeye Caterpillar

Common Buckeye Caterpillar’s host plant is the False Foxglove… and at Chassahowitzka WMA there are plenty still blooming for this caterpillar to go into it’s next life cycle stage.

Common Buckeye Caterpillar 2
Common Buckeye Caterpillar | Alice Mary Herden | October 20, 2018
Common Buckeye Caterpillar
Common Buckeye Caterpillar | Alice Mary Herden | October 20, 2018
!Common Buckeye.jpg
Common Buckeye | Alice Mary Herden | July 22, 2018



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Great Purple Hairstreak

First time I ever seen this hairstreak before, I usually see Red-banded or Grey, this was certainly a bonus on my trip to Chassahowitzka WMA.

Great Purple Hairstreak.jpg
Great Purple Hairstreak | Photo by Alice Mary Herden 

To see this butterfly in person is amazing, the blue and orange colors are truly fantastic and what a cute face!

I wish I had more time photographing before it flew off, luckily their flight season is February – November so hopefully I will be able to get another chance.

Mistletoe is their host plant.

Purple Hairstreak.jpg
The Great Purple Hairstreak | Alice Mary Herden