Osmia Chalybea

Osmia Chalybea- Mason Bee… or as I call it, a blue metallic mason bee. These are bigger than the little sweat bees you see.



What trip watching these bees burrow up and down gathering up pollen! This is the best opportunity to get your macro lens out and shoot as many photos as you can!

Blue Metallic Mason Bee 3
Osmia Chalybea Bee | March 11 | Alice Mary Herden



Identifying bees can be confusing.  Each classification has its own unique characteristic, behaviors, and locations in the country.

There is a close relative, Blue Orchard Bee but not located here in Florida. (Link: https://www.discoverlife.org/mp/20q?search=Osmia+lignaria&mobile=close&wep=0)








Metallic Sweat Bees ( Halictidae)

These are my favorite bees… like EVER! The coloring is so amazing, these metallic green or blue colors just pop!

Metallic Blue2
Metallic Blue Sweat Bee | February 28 | Alice Mary Herden

There are thousands of species of sweat bees and 60 species alone documented in Florida.

Metallic Blue Sweat Bee | February 28 | Alice Mary Herden
Metallic Blue Sweat Bee | February 28 | Alice Mary Herden

With thistle blooming, it is time to hang around these plants if you are interested in getting some great photos and video, however, you will most likely get more bee butts because they will be digging their way to gather pollen. But hey, who doesn’t like a cute bee butt!

Metallic Blue Sweat Bee | February 28 | Alice Mary Herden
Metallic Blue Sweat Bee | February 28 | Alice Mary Herden

Would like to find out how they obtain that metallic color.. if you know, please comment below! Just to note they are attracted to the salt from human sweat! 




Prairie Clover

Blooming now at Chassahowitzka WMA

Well, there are three version of this clover. Faey’s, Pink and Florida so I will find out which one it is and update this post.

Prairie Clover
Prairie Clover | August 15

This is one of my favorites wildflowers. I love the unique shape and blooming stages.

Prairie Clover 2
Prairie Clover | Green Lynx Spider 
Prairie Clover 3
Prairie Clover | Scoliid Wasp
Prairie Clover 4
Prairie Clover | Bumble Bee | Scoliid Wasp

Grab your chair and have your camera ready, because this is the best time to photograph bees, wasps, spiders and butterflies.