Phaon Cresent and Morning Dew

Was not a good morning for this little butterfly. It happened to perfect conditions for the morning dew to form on just about anything.

Phaon Crescent | Alice Mary Herden | April 16
Phaon Crescent | Alice Mary Herden | April 16



Katydid and Morning Dew

So many people say the best time to see wildlife is in the early mornings… well again that is a hit or miss. But I can tell you it’s the best time to get morning dew!

Florida False Katydid | Alice Mary Herden | April 16
Katydid | Alice Mary Herden | April 16

I believe this is a Katydid, but which one I am not sure. Once I find out I will update this post.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Spring is in the air and the insects are out and about!

Golden Tortoise Beetle | Alice Mary Herden | April 8

Check out this lovely couple… sharing some quality time together. They have an amazing metallic golden/copper color that glistens in the sunlight. Super small, not even a half an inch.

It would be very interesting to photograph or even better to video them while when they transform into their defensive colors, red with black spots.

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