American Robin

Some American Robins migrate to Florida during the winter, some stay all year throughout the United States.


!american robin
American Robin | Alice Mary Herden | January 2019






Broad-Winged Hawk

What a treat to capture not one but two of these hawks while I was in Tampa!

Broad-Winged Hawk_Tampa
Broad-Winged Hawk | Photo by Alice Mary Herden | September 27

I love the way its feathers create heart shaped patterns!

Broad-Winged Hawk 2_Lettuce Lake
Broad-Winged Hawk @ Lettuce Lake in Tampa | Photo by Alice Mary Herden | | September 27

Such a small and stocky bird of prey..


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Green Heron

Another surprise Green Heron, first time to photograph this bird at Chassahowitzka WMA. This crow sized bird is a smart hunter. They have a unique baiting style behavior, they drop feathers, twigs or even insects on the water surface to lure fish within their striking distance.

Green Heron
Green Heron | August 6

Why they call this bird Green Heron…. their greenish-black cap, a greenish back.