The Great Egret

Simple and Elegant is how I describe the Great Egret


I am currently working on creating more video… it will be an outing to outing process as I learn more.

Hopefully, this will help photographers learn about some behaviors and characteristics of the variety of wildlife species I photograph.





Little Blue

The Little Blue Heron… super neat transformation this heron goes through. When they are juveniles their feathers are completely white with dusty bluish tips and going into their immature to an adult stage they begin molting; feathers start changing.


!Little Blue.jpg
Little Blue Heron | Alice Mary Herden


Like any wading bird, most spend a considerable amount of time preening.. and those are the best photo ops!



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Tricolored Heron

What an awesome bird.. well all wading birds are awesome! Have you ever thought about how in the world all these birds have so many different characteristics? Like some have legs that are green, some birds have yellow feet, different colors, differently shaped becks, a variety of color patterns and it goes on and on!


!Tricolored Heron 2.jpg
Tricolored Heron shallow brackish water, scurry their feet in the mud to scatter small fish.


They are fun to watch when they are seeking small fish in the shallow brackish waters, they kind of dash around and chasing them.

!Tricolored Heron 3.jpg
Tricolored Heron landing