Overexposed…. nature photography

A good day out hiking with the hubby! Initially, we were out to try to find a particular bird, but instead, we found plenty of other goodies.
Easter Bluebird_Print
Eastern Bluebird | Alice Mary Herden
To those nature photographers.. photographing birds with no color break in the background is challenging… so by accident, I forgot to change my settings and ended up with an overexposed shot.. and I actually like it! Took it into photoshop: oil paint filter, then adjusted the clarity and dehaze.  I think this would be a great print!


Such a little flower the Fetterbush has, with its curled ends and pink color but this flowering plant maybe cute it is poisonous.

Fetterbush 1
Fetterbush | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

The Fetterbush thrives near wet areas and is native to Florida.

Fetterbush 2
Fetterbush | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

Once they have completed their bloom and fruit stages, they will produce seeds, as in the above photo.


Flower Friday: Fetterbush





As always, be careful when handling flowers and plants on your hikes. Learn which plants/flowers are harmful to you and wildlife.




I first documented this flowering shrub back on March 13, 2018, at Chassahowitzka WMA. It was just a plant that I wanted to add to my observation on iNaturalist .

Garberia | March 2018 | Alice Mary Herden

I never would have thought that this shrub would produce the most elegant flowers.

Garberia | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

They are prominent in sandy, oak scrub habitats.

Garb 2
Garberia | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

The seeds remind me of those of the dandelions. They produce a large number of seeds, to ensure nectar for next season pollinators.




Flower Friday: Garberia


The best sign EVER

On Christmas Day, my husband and I went out hiking. And this was the best sign we have ever seen.

Sign | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

Does your city, town or county take part in Gopher Tortoise Day? Find out more here: http://gophertortoisedayfl.com/

I am going to do my best to get Hernando County on that list!




Pin-striped Vermilion Slug

Pin-striped Vermilion Slug… a very interesting name. When I first noticed this little thing crawling on the thorned stem it reminded me of a watermelon! This slug is about an inch long (I really need to start bringing my ruler with me) and has patches of stingy hairs on its back, only on the orange stripe, to protect itself from getting nabbed by any predators.

Pin 2.jpg
Pin-striped Vermilion Slug Moth | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

This is the larvae stage, slug caterpillar, of the Pin-stripe Vermilion Moth.


Pin 4
Pin-striped Vermilion Slug Moth | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden



This is one of the cutest creatures I have encountered while out exploring and photographing nature. I do love the orange and green since that’s the color theme I selected for the magazine! Again, for me, nature always gives me the answers I seek.



Slug Moths – A Tale in Two Parts


Eastern Silver Aster

I first saw this flower it was in the Withlacoochee State Forest working on an article about wildflowers. I didn’t take much notice then until I saw it at Big Pine. After taking a few macro shots of this flower it opened a whole new mystery!

Aster 3
Eastern Silver Aster | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

I am fascinated by this flower, there is so much going on, such an interesting design. The tulip cupped that opens to have the anther expand, it’s amazing!

Eastern Silver Aster | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

It was a little windy while I was taking photos, so it was hard to get a good macro shot. I would love to have a digital microscope to explore this flower in depth.

Aster 5
Eastern Silver Aster | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden
Aster 6
Eastern Silver Aster | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden


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