Week II

Tammy and I had a great meeting. We hammered out the main contents of the magazine, added and scratched some ideas. The layout flows and there is going to be a lot of information, photography and we are excited to get this going.

Tammy’s role is a huge part and an important part of the magazine. She will be overseeing content, articles, and advising what works and what doesn’t, kind of like having a second pair of eyes!

I have an appointment with a business lawyer in October to ensure the success of this magazine. Things are beginning to look good!

Magazine Update

I am so grateful for all those that have replied to be a contributor to the magazine. Thank you!

Tammy Walters Fox has agreed to be my co-editor.  We will be meeting on Monday to go over some details of the magazine from layout to monthly content as well as review those that submitted as a contributor.

I will post updates periodically before the first meeting on October 27.

There may be the opportunity to take more contributors for smaller content.

If you are interested please see this post:


Florida Magazine Flatten

Looking for Contributors

Hello,Florida Magazine Flatten

I am looking for three Florida Nature Magazine contributors who are nature writers/photographers residing in Florida that will be committed to the magazine and to help build it from the ground up.

Contributors commitment to the following

  • meet once a month
    • location varies
  • writing an article once a month
    • between up to 800 words
  •  Florida resident
  • holds the utmost respect for nature

The first issue will be published on January 1, 2020, online only. The magazine is designed to be around 48 pages or more (depending on the number of advertisement pages). The three chosen contributors will have their one specialized subject, which will be discussed at the first meeting projected on Sunday, October 27.

The submission for contributors will end on Oct 12.

This will be non-paid at the beginning (depending on advertisements and sponsorships), maybe for a year or more. Details to follow after your contributor’s review process. Please fill out the form below:

Please be advised this magazine may include conservation content and photography.

Thank you!

Alice Mary Herden | Green-Fly Media LLC

Green Lynx Spider

No matter what flower you are looking at you can guarantee there will be a Green Lynx Spider patiently waiting.

Green Lynx | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden
Green Lynx on a Spotted Horse Mint | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

What caught my eye was how big the Green Lynx spider (photo below) was, it had to be able to hold on to that bumble bee.


Green Lynx 3.jpg
Green Lynx Spider with prey | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

It takes a lot of patience to stay still for so long and wait for hours until a butterfly, bee or even a grasshopper is within its reach. Sometimes they succeed while in the video I believe most often they don’t.


I believe those are leafcutter bees that are mating, at least it was “are” instead of “were”!

More Cloudless Sulphurs

Clouded, Orange, Dog Face, trying to ID these are confusing, but looking at quite a few photos I may have found a way to ID Cloudless Sulphur; the eyes

Cloudless Sulphur | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden
Cloudless Sulphur | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

In a previous post, I noticed that the eyes are two-toned and looking at the other sulphur butterflies they are not.

Cloudless Sulphur | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden
Cloudless Sulphur | September 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

If this is not the case, I will be sure to update this post!