The Familiar Coastal Bird | Brown Pelican

The pelican is one of the most common identifiable coastal bird.
Every bird has their part in nature, their amazing natural born instincts, their characteristics, to how each one is created so differently and all they do is do their best to survive on this earth.
Coastal birds are extremely susceptible to injury along the coastal beaches, fishing piers, and docks.
Abandoned fishing line has been a threat for this species along with many marine animals, and according to Cornell Lab of Ornithology, an estimate of 700 adult and immature pelicans die each year in Florida alone from entanglement in sport-fishing gear.

!Brown Pelican 4.jpg
Brown Pelican | Alice Mary Herden | January 2019






With the cold Florida weather, flowers and bugs are pretty much non-existent, so the next best awesome species to photograph are birds!

So, I took the day to explore with a friend, Vitoca Caraveo, to create some video clips and take some photography at Honeymoon Island.


We didn’t see the eagles or the great horned owl.. but that gives us another reason to head back there in a couple of weeks.

!Osprey 2.jpg
Osprey with mullet | Alice Mary Herden

About the Osprey | Florida Raptor

This particular location, Honeymoon Island, it was great to see at least three pairs and one pair at the beginning stage of building their nest. By observing this and this small of a location, I am assuming they are not overly territorial. It would actually be quite a video to see them build their nest.



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The Great Egret

Simple and Elegant is how I describe the Great Egret


I am currently working on creating more video… it will be an outing to outing process as I learn more.

Hopefully, this will help photographers learn about some behaviors and characteristics of the variety of wildlife species I photograph.