Snakes, Plants, Insects and more!

Fall Photo Blitz is Saturday October 27 at Chinsegut Conservation Center.

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The event begins at 10am…

Chinsegut Conservation Center
23212 Lake Lindsey Road
Brooksville, FL

Bring your camera, photo, water, bug spray and please wear closed-toed shoes. Learn about Florida Nature Trackers and what you add to projects helps biologist with documenting plant and animal species around your area.

!Black Racer 2.jpg
Black Racer a non-venomous snake and good to have around! They eat a wide variety of prey including insects, lizards, snakes, birds, rodents, and amphibians.

Goldenrod Crab Spider

Along with the Green Lynx spider, the Goldenrod crab spider does not weave a web, but created web-like traps around the flower to ambush their prey, hence the long front legs.

Goldenrod Crab Spider
Goldenrod Crab Spider | Alice Mary Herden

Goldenrod crab spiders can change coloration, either to yellow or to white depending on the flower they are at. A female, sad to say, after she lays her eggs she dies.