Ornate Bella Moth

After the Butterfly Count at Chinsegut Conservation Center, a friend Linda Morehouse, who is also an FWC Volunteer as well, and I decided to take a short hike over at the Big Pine Tract. Big Pine Tract

Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area has three hiking areas; Nature Center Trail, Pines to Prairie Trail (Corner of 41 and Snow Memorial HWY), Big Pine Tract as well as managing Perry Oldenburg and Janet Butterfield. Janet Butterfield is closed to the public, however they do have closed hiking days available, see http://myfwc.com/chinsegut for scheduled next hike)

The Ornate Bella Moth..

Bella Moth
Ornate Bella Moth with wings opened | August 25

What a beautiful moth! The colors orange and pink with black spots just features an extraordinary design against its white body!

Bella Moth
Ornate Bella Moth side profile | August 25

The life cycle of the ornate Bella Moth is short.. only three weeks. The host plant for the Bella Moth is the Lanceleaf Rattlebox, which is toxic to human and livestock (Important information: http://nwdistrict.ifas.ufl.edu/phag/2012/10/05/weed-alert-lanceleaf-rattlebox/)

Photographing these moths with their wings open is difficult, patience and putting your drive mode on continuous is the best way to go.