Praying Mantis

This is one of the most interesting insects I have been able to photograph.

Praying Mantis | August 21

The wonderful life of a Praying Mantis… well a short one. According to some websites, the praying mantis only lives for about a year, as the female can lay hundreds of eggs she may also eat the male during or after mating!

However, they are pretty cool to photograph!




White-tailed Deer Close Up

Rarely… I mean rarely are you able to get close to any deer to get some great tight photographs, especially in their natural habitat!

White-tailed Deer | August 21

Again… right place, right time.

Thelma and Louise | August 21

I have seen and photographed these two doe’s awhile back, seems like they could be inseparable. Such beautiful creatures, its like they are the symbol of a peaceful habitat.

Still have yet to see a buck.

*** Hunting season begins soon, so please to all those nature photographers out there, be careful.  Find out hunting dates and locations here:

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The Unexpected

Nature = life…

Nature and all of the creatures, big or small, instinctively learn how to survive. It’s amazing how they know what do to. How to build nest, dig burrow, weave a web and patiently hunt.

Skipper gathering nectar from a Thistle 
Skipper and Crab Spider
Skipper gets startled by the hidden Crab Spider
Crab Spider attacks 
Crab Spider grabs a hold of the Skippers neck from below

This is a part of nature… every species needs to eat. As sad as this was to watch, understanding the part of being at a certain place and at a certain time can mean life or death.