A day for the Green Lynx Spider

Escaping the computer… and glad I did! Mostly all the photos I took that day of Butterflies had an unexpected guest just below.  Remember, never forget to look more closely around the subject you are photographing… learn to take that extra time. I know that is hard to do when you have other people with you, or you feel there is a lack of time, but we all need to slow down and observe what nature shows us.

Eastern_Green Lynx
Green Lynx Spider clinging to the Thistle leaves in attempt to capture an Eastern Swallowtail gathering nectar | August 20
Green Lynx Spider
Green Lynx Spider awaits clinging on the petals of this beautiful Dotted Horsemint flower | August 20
Green Lynx Spider
This Green Lynx Spider captured a Metallic Green Bee | August 20


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